A movement meditation centered on feeling good.

Intuitive Movement is all about tuning in, not about working out. Experience the joy of moving freely, anytime, anywhere. Everyone deserves to feel at home in their body.
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"Working with Marie and Evolna has been incredible for me. I had lost touch with my body, gained weight, didn't feel comfortable really moving...Marie has really helped me re-establish that relationship with my body and find the joy in movement again."
Paul - New York, USA
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"Thank you so much for this completely new and unforgettable experience! Evolna is something that everyone should try! Being constantly told what to do, how to feel, how many and how much, we tend to forget to listen to our bodily signals...Thank you again and Evolna to everyone!"
Veronika - Minsk, Belarus

A proven method for creating a fulfilling relationship with your body.

"I'm happy to say five years later [practicing Evolna], I'm 43 years old and in the best shape of my life. I'm stronger, more mobile, more flexible than I've ever been and another by-product, which was unexpected, was that I'm more confident than ever. I'm more in touch with my needs and my wants, and I attribute that to the Evolna Method."
Saleena - New York, USA

so, how does this work?

Simple, step-by-step guided exercises & meditations for all levels.

We get it, learning something new takes effort and, well, life happens. That's why we've simplified every step of the process for you to step in and begin to feel better right away.

no equipment needed, not even a mat. seriously, we keep it simple so you can do you.

All you need is to show up for yourself and be present. It's all bodyweight, and if you need any cushion for support in certain positions, that's fine too. But you'll see that we love that direct contact with the floor, so you can truly practice anywhere.

choose your exercises based on how you want to feel, time of day & how long you have.

Being intentional about what you want to get out of your movement practice makes all the difference. So we've created a few game-changing filters to make sure you get what you want, whether that's in 5 or 50 minutes!

from our community

Evolna has taught me so much about how I relate to myself, how I relate to stress, how I even relate to the people around me. It has given me a lot of powerful tools that I work through anxiety with...the work I've done with Marie has truly transformed my life, it has set me on a path of clarity and immense peace...I hope everyone gets a chance to try this out and really connect to themselves!


from our community

I come from a bodybuilding background and am so burnt out from years of mindless motion. About to take your class this morning, I'm so stoked! Thank you for providing such amazing content and helping me return home. All the love and light from Bangkok, Thailand.


from our community

Signing up to your movement classes has definitely been the best gift I have ever given my whole being. Thank you so much! I can't wait to practice those new classes 💙


from our community

I just took my first class in your online portal and it was so touching and amazing! It felt like it resonated so deeply with everything you shared and I'm so glad I found you! I teach Yoga and Mobility Movement Class and never found somebody who can inspire and challenge me in a new way...so thank you!!!!


from our community

I am loving the new additions to the platform - thank you so much! Just completed the "Tune In to Tune Up" flow, and feel so much more awake and in choice about what to attend to and how to engage with my day. Evolna is such a gift 🙏 Sending love, Sara


what does this actually look like?

Marie Janicek exercising.

ground-based movement patterns & deep opening stretches

The ground is one of the most powerful resources for restoring balance and harmony. The more variation and fluency we cultivate in connection with the ground, the more we improve our mobility and strength. Designed to activate our back body, reset the imbalances and tightness we accumulate from sitting and working all day. Deep Opening Stretches focus on the forgotten areas of our body: from the mobility of all individual vertebrae within the spine and feet, to the foot-hip connection and gentle de-coupling of pelvic bones. Incredibly powerful, and with consistent and intentional application, you'll feel the soothing transformation.
Marie Janicek exercising.

revitalizing Exercises rooted in mobility, meditation & dance release techniques

Intuitive Movement deepens your mind-body awareness and improve your body's overall functionality. By focusing on sensation through exercises combining meditation, mobility and dance release techniques, you'll experience a cathartic release of pent-up emotions and subconscious limitations that will have you walking away with an empowered sense of self-confidence.
Marie Janicek exercising.

joy & freedom through release

Rhythm and coordination are essential to improving our movement fluency. Yet they are rarely practiced, especially in detriment to strength and endurance. Ironically, our strength and endurance are actually contingent on our ability to release! If our muscles cannot fully release, they cannot create the maximal tension that fortifies strength, endurance and power. The key is to relax and let go, finding an innate sense of joy and freedom in the movement!
Marie Janicek exercising.

movement meditations

An opportunity to take your practice off the screen and dive even more deeply into your connection with your body.All you have to do is follow the guided audio and tune into the sensations of your body, follow what feels best and enjoy the ride!

cool, what about pricing?

We offer three accessible plans, so choose the one that works best, risk-free!


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$41.99 / quarter
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  • Filter based on how you want to feel, time of day & how much time you have available
  • Access on any device
  • Stream on TV
  • Free private session with Marie
  • Access to all livestreams & online community included


$149.99 / year
Make it a lifestyle at $0.41 per day (17% off)
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Access to entire movement library of guided tutorials, flows & meditations
  • Filter based on how you want to feel, time of day & how much time you have available
  • Access on any device
  • Stream on TV
  • Free private session with Marie
  • Access to all livestreams & online community included


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evolving into freedom

Volná is the feminine noun for freedom in Czech, Marie's native language.

Evolna is our interpretation of evolving into freedom.

Our practice is founded upon intuition: the core of feminine energy.

By embracing intuition, we learn to trust our instincts and feel safe in our bodies. We know when to slow down and nurture ourselves.

We don't suppress our emotions — we move through them and reemerge stronger than before.  

We let go of the old to make space for the new.

We understand that everything is interconnected and by taking care of ourselves, we show up better for others.

We feel confident in expressing ourselves freely and experience more fluidity and joy in life.

That is the essence of Evolna.

Hey, we're Marie and Natassia, two friends who met at Columbia University. After years apart, we reconnected and discovered how disenchanted we were by the lack of integrated support between mental and physical health, specifically in fitness where physical improvement often comes at significant psychological costs.

We found ourselves trying to juggle everything: going to therapy, working out, seeking meaningful social interactions and just generally wanting to feel good about ourselves.

Despite our best efforts, we were struggling with body image and eating disorders, depression, injuries and burnout. It wasn't working.

What if there was a more holistic, sustainable and accessible approach to taking care of ourselves? Physically, mentally and emotionally?

Cue Evolna. Through her career as a professional dancer and personal trainer, Marie deepened her scientific knowledge of the mind-body connection. Inspired by her clients, she created a unique movement modality, combining the awareness of meditation, functionality of mobility and euphoric effects of dance. Marie received testimonials that outstripped her wildest expectations, and realized the holistic practice she had been craving was right here.

Meanwhile, Natassia was seeking more meaning in her life and had dreamt of becoming a wellness entrepreneur. After taking Marie's class, she knew this was it. Finding harmony between their experience and skill sets, Natassia decided to leave her finance career in São Paulo, Brazil and move to NYC.

In 2019, we began building Evolna. It's been a wild ride since then and we've learned to embrace both the challenges and time as an opportunity for clarity and growth. So welcome you to the fold - a sacred space that empowers you to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your body and experience the powerful benefits movement has to offer. We're so excited to share this space with you!

With love,

Marie & Natassia

Our Story

Our Purpose

Our mission is to educate people on the profound holistic impact movement has on self-development.

We want to help everyone experience the freedom of relating to their bodies and to movement in a way that feels nourishing, invigorating and personal to their unique selves.

Our Values

Our Causes

Empowerment - Everything we need lives within us.

Integrity - Everything we do is for the betterment of our community.

Trust - Listen to your body and follow your intuition. It always knows what's best.

Accessibility - Taking care of our physical, mental and emotional health should not be costly, nor complex.

Curiosity -  Have an exploratory mindset, be open, ask questions. You never know what you may discover.

We believe everybody should be accepted and respected as they are.

We believe everyone should have access to affordable and effective health and wellness solutions.

We believe in Black Lives Matter, Stop AAPI Hate, Non-Binary Gender Rights, Gender Equality, Disability Rights, Mental Health Awareness and Body Neutrality.

Evolna is a safe space.

Everyone is welcome here.

What we care about

We believe everyone deserves to feel good in their bodies and have access to simple and effective self-care solutions.

It's the foundation to living a happier, healthier and fulfilling life.

Our Mission