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Working with Marie and Evolna has been incredible for me. I had lost touch with my body, gained weight, didn't feel comfortable really moving...Marie has really helped me re-establish that relationship with my body and find the joy in movement again.
Derek from New York, New York
I'm happy to say five years later [practicing the Evolna Method], I'm 43 years old and in the best shape of my life. I'm stronger, more mobile, more flexible than I've ever been and another by-product, which was unexpected, was that I'm more confident than ever. I'm more in touch with my needs and my wants, and I attribute that to the Evolna Method.
Saleena from New York, New York
Working with Evolna has been a truly magical experience. At first, I was really reluctant to move freely and through my work with Marie, I learned to just let go completely and take what was on the inside and express it on the outside. It has been incredibly therapeutic and a life-transforming experience.
Paul from New York, New York
Noticing a lot less tension and an outpouring of light and energy constantly...It was so incredible to realize that I had been holding myself back so much because of what other people had told me and I had never tried to challenge it necessarily. So when I got the opportunity to challenge it in a safe space and realize that I was so much stronger than I had thought, it was really such a massive breakthrough.
Analyse from Memphis, Tennessee
My personal experience with Evolna is one of unbridled joy and playfulness. It's really refreshing to engage in a movement practice that is anything but restrictive and, in fact, it encourages you to dig in to your body's own innate wisdom.
Catherine from Boulder, Colorado
Marie is more than just a movement guide, she's really a healer...her voice, the exercises she gives you, and really the love that comes through is definitely felt in the body.
Joy from New York, New York
Evolna has reminded me that my greatest potential for joy, my greatest potential for understanding, my greatest potential for empowerment is right here, right now, told through the story of my body.
Shweta from Burlington, Massachusetts
Evolna has taught me so much about how I relate to myself, how I relate to stress, how I even relate to the people around me. It has given me a lot of powerful tools that I work through anxiety with...The work that I've done with Marie has truly transformed my life, it has set me on a path of clarity and immense peace...I hope everyone gets a chance to try this out and really connect to themselves.
Ayala from Brooklyn, New York

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Marie, I literally can't wait to take another class! Fell asleep dreaming about it. I love what you're sharing with the world and I love how bravely and big you are putting it out there. Rock on sister!!
[Marie] really just creates a space that allows you to open up and move and feel and tap into your body and the wealth of information that is in it, accessing creativity, authenticity, your truth, stepping into your power. It’s amazing!
The classes ended up altering my relationship with myself & world around. They exceeded my expectations in & around presence, self acceptance & freedom. And as I reflect on the feelings that came up and out, I am eternally grateful for having the space.
Anonymous, Online Survey
That was really cool. Thank You 🥰 The whole experience was very empowering. Great guidance and structure that allows for a lot of free styling, all the while always feeling embraced 🧡 Feels so goooood. To many more!
In the six months or so that I've been learning and moving alongside Marie, my movement practice has shifted and changed dramatically. In spite of my background as a dancer, I have always felt a block between myself and the movement. With the space and guidance that Marie provides, I've begun to be able to tear through that block and find the connections I've so desperately wanted.
Just want to say how grateful I am for how accessible you've made this. Being with you ~virtually~ last night was such a balm for a crazy world. Practicing intuitive movement in my own home was a little scary, but by the end it had transformed my own relationship to my space (and doing it at 7pm, when the light changed from twilight to darkness out my window over the course of our hour, was really special). I will be sure to tune in for more. Thank you! And looking forward to moving with you in person on the other side of this.
Evolna is more about the power of emotional resiliency that leads to expanded minds and unexpected bodily changes via slowing down to fully experience basics, not running from them, and relating to them in a completely different way than what’s usually experienced in the movement world. It’s really about that “go down to go up”…diving into the SOUL of simple, real, lived feelings and moments, and allowing those to open up to a new place.
I consider myself one of the luckiest humans on earth to have the tools and PURE MAGIC you’ve given me to relish in these moments of sorrow and pain and awful news with movement and connection that somehow sparks such comfort and joy within me...somehow I still see endless amounts of beauty in life and feel just a burst of energy and am compelled to express myself through moving and breathing and IT'S SO AMAZING GAH SORRY I SAY THIS SO OFTEN RIGHT NOW I'M JUST SO GRATEFUL
Hi Marie, thank you for the class today. You have such a beautiful energy that creates safe, free space for people to connect themselves through movement. Class flow was on point with its crescendo and decrescendo moments - of course coherent with the music. Loved your playlist - the diversity of it! I think everyone can find a little bit of themselves, the past, the moment and the future through your music of choice. Your queues were so soothing and liberating - that was something I was expecting because I find your posts inspiring. :) Thank you for this liberating experience, you put a smile on my face at the end (also during the class^^).
I realized today that the wind down is always a deeply healing experience for me. Like today I healed some old wounds with forgiveness, acceptance, and then integration. I think bc it's always such a blissful moment I don't even really clock that it's happening but today I realized like damn that's pretty cool. The energy of intuition in the body is healing energy.
You are an amazing instructor with a very easy going presence. Your instructions are clear and precise. Just listening to your voice on the audio exploration is enough to lift every tension from the day's work. I like them all [exercises], mostly because I feel no discomfort (except for those that really challenged my knees) doing the movements.  They stretch my body in ways that I would not normally do on any given day seated at my desk.  I tend to do the Shaking and Side Swings several times a day during my breaks, but my ultimate favorite is the Spine Roll Down. I found that I've kept my floor and yoga mats open on the floor all day, every day since I started this [beta] test. I feel improved breathing and looser limbs, especially in the waist area.  Those side swings are awesome.
I hoped and expected that having a more extended period of time would help me go deeper into myself and my connection to movement -- and that's exactly what I felt! I wanted to feel my foundation shift in a way that could be built upon and expanded from. That process is obviously never done, but this experience pushed me forward within it.
Anonymous, Online Survey
That was super cathartic, I was legit in tears by the end of it, but in the best way. I haven't moved much in over a week too, so it was very much needed. Feels like I got the best massage. So so good. I'm already excited about joining the next session!
It is challenging in a really good way. Marie, the instructor, is an incredibly beautiful spirit and so genuinely welcoming. I would describe this as a movement meditation - with some cardio haha. I HIGHLY recommend it!
Anonymous, Online Survey
I did your class two weeks ago on Sunday and I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed it at a lot, and it was the first time that I really enjoyed an online movement class. I really followed your guidance and appreciate your way of teaching, so thank you and big hug, Noa
Differently from any other classes I have experienced (and more movement-focused ones, like yoga), this provides pockets of fun and freedom to do as you choose. The elation I have right after class is different from what I feel in other kinds of movement/fitness classes.
Anonymous, Online Survey
Holy kamole you're a goddess lady! This legit makes me so excited to learn more about the potential of growth and expansion in my body. Definitely will be a journey as I deepend into the twists more! But gosh amazing!
It's amazing how subtle, slow movements are allowing me to find and feel parts of my body that I had never connected with before. I discovered "new" parts of my spine that I'd been unintentionally ignoring. I learned today that those parts need/want attention, too!
I come from a bodybuilding background and am so burnt out from years of mindless motion. About to take your class this morning. I'm so stoked. Thank you for providing such amazing content and helping me return home. All the love and light from Bangkok, Thailand.
I just wanted to say thank you so much. That was absolutely amazing. That was absolutely incredible. Thank you! It just felt like welcoming my body home -- absolutely amazing, I feel really moved by it and am so looking forward to practicing with you again.
I really enjoyed the practice! I liked that it was really weird and made my brain think (or not think) in different ways. It reminded me of and Feldenkrais. I look forward to joining another session! Thanks!!
You’re absolutely incredible Marie and have helped lead me down my own movement path. I love you and think of you constantly. Your powerful energy inspires me and fuels my power.
Anonymous, Online Survey
I am really enjoying Evolna so far! The exercises are not ones I have done before, but they are simple and well taught. I love Marie's ability to re-engage the whole body.
I left every class feeling a new energy that carried me through my week. I am better able to handle, and sit with, my emotions, to let go and follow my instincts.
Anonymous, Online Survey
That was so amazing Marie. I can’t express how much this meant and helped. Thank you a million times.
Awesome work! I love it. Love the fact that it helps people explore themselves and deal with internal issues that they may not know how to manage.
Anonymous, Online Survey
Hi, loved your class! Thank you so much for this much needed release, Delancey was so excited to have me join in.
I just went through all of the tutorials and one of the follow-along flows. This is pretty amazing stuff!
I've been looking for a short morning routine. I wake up at 3 AM to work on my startup, and this was a great jolt to start my work. Thank you!
Evolna holds space for the free-form expression of the body and soul without judgement or needing to be a certain way.
Anonymous, Online Survey
Good stuff! Really enjoying this. Used some of the previous movements to stay loose during strength workout today.
My favorite thing about Evolna is the movement exercises with the meditations - the unique wellness activity it offers.
Anonymous, Online Survey
Despite beginner's moves, it feels like an intense workout! Cork screw spine twists are hard :)
Phenomenal! The energy today was electrifying! Thank you :)
Evolna takes care of both my mental and physical health and well-being ❤️
Anonymous, Online Survey
Great! Kind of like yoga but the more rapid movement allows for momentum, which brings joy. :)
Intense! But so worth it. Can't wait to continue practicing!
First time, absolutely loved it!
Great stretch and movement!
Loved it! Very nourishing.
Loved this!
Great relaxing start to the day!
Amazing! Wonderful feeling of aliveness.
Magical! Thank you!
Very nice practice, thank you!
It calms my anxiety!
Anonymous, Online Survey
This was incredible. I wasn't expcting that, thank you 💛
Thank you so much. Loved it!
Great! I love how the pace of these sessions gives me the time to really listen to what my body needs!
I appreciate the class and your commitment to helping open people up. I did feel a sensation of freedom afterwards and still feel much more ‘in’ my body.
Anonymous, Online Survey
It really unlocks the true abundance of your body!
I feel more embodied in my performance and other movement practices. I feel a bit more at peace within myself as well.
Anonymous, Online Survey