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Join us as we expand our understanding and awareness of the multi-faceted, often unspoken, ways movement influences and heals us.

From the physical to the mental, emotional to the spiritual, there is so much movement richness in the world that we aren't aware of. We'll debunk myths, share expert advice and gain insight into our guests' personal movement experiences and the transformations that resulted.

Step in for inspiring conversations that empower you to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body and experience the powerful benefits movement has to offer.


A Worthy Discourse

Marie's podcast brings fresh insights and voices that expand awareness around movement and its increasingly plentiful connections to what wellness truly looks like. Her guests are fascinating and add depth to an ongoing conversation around how movement can be cultivated and reframed for benefits far beyond the physical.

Authentic & Inspiring

I listen to many podcasts but this one has an authentic angle by focusing on how movement impacts people's lives, bringing new insights and connections with other mediums. It has changed my personal connection to exercise and to my body as a result, thank you!

An Invitation into Wonder

The container that Marie not only creates for herself, but also for the guest and all listening to evolve into their journey toward wonder is unmatched. It is through her genuine inquiry that we are all invited to soften into the experience and take it on like no other. The insight that I have gleaned from the podcast has me eagerly waiting to see the magic this podcast and Evolna introduce into the world!

Insightfully Engaging

Pleasantly informative, conversational and flowing. Marie does an outstanding job of gently guiding deep conversations about movement, while highlighting individual approaches and expertise!